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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Strange Development Of A NBA Point Guard

                I'm about to ask you something that is going to do at least one out of three things to you after I answer my own question for you;
        You will either recognize my genius
        Your basketball IQ would not allow you to think on such a high level and you'll stop trying to understand
        You will heavily disagree, and say something blasphemous in my twitter feed
                Has there ever in the history of NBA basketball been a PG drafted into a starting position that was blatantly suck at the beginning of his career that soon after became a " Dog " ( dog meaning extremely good) on the court ? I want to state that I haven't done any research I'm going off my plain sight of basketball knowledge that I possess. Now before you start doing your  “I’m going to prove him wrong research.”  Remember I said a dog on the court! I asked a few friends this very question the best answer I got was Tony Parker, but that was yet wrong because he only had one down year with that being his rookie year.
                My real question I have for you is can that even happen? Is it possible to draft a PG to the NBA then put him into the starting line-up, and expect him to become great after having several bad years? Matter of fact I'll give you Tony Parker, but I won't take Mike Conley because he is very good, but he is not great. So now with the exception of Tony Parker  because he an all-time great, and this can be his claim to fame that he was the only one to make that tremendous improvement. We've seen this happen with PG's that was slept on that came off the bench then started to become great examples being Steve Nash, Rondo. We have also seen people get drafted expected to be great from the start that wasn't great but were very good until they grew into their true greatness examples would be Kyrie Irving along with Derrick Rose. We've seen player be great from the start players like Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, and Chris Paul.
                I think no you cannot draft a PG in the NBA into a starting position that started his career off playing bad then expect him to grow into a great player. My reasoning would be because when you put a point guard in that starting position it's really no development that's going to happen. Follow me here, because if he's in the starting position, and he's been there for a while he is already playing like he's going to continue to play. He hasn't shown you anything he can't do because the ball is in his hands at all times. Trust me with the ball in a players hand at all times he's going to do whatever he can. How can he improve will be to develop the skills he already possess to make his role a good important piece examples Mario Chalmers, Kyrie, Steph Curry, Derek Fisher. Those guys didn't necessarily get better they just got really good at what they were already doing. Developments of those sorts you can give credits to mind things like chemistry or confidence. So tell me, what do you think? Do you think a PG can be drafted into a starting line-up have several bad years then all the sudden become great? Has it been done? Or do you simply agree with my genius?